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Bear creek

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Arena: Bear creek
Arena Address: 3061 Macaulay Road
  Find it on Google Maps
Race Start: Apr 28, 2018 - 4:00 pm
Race End: Apr 28, 2018
Event Producer: Jenna Jeffery
Sanctioned: CBR
Online Entries are Closed
Pre-Entries: Data Not Available
Dress Code: Yes, Hats and western shirts
Time Onlys: $5.00
Late Fee: $0.00
Arena Fee: $10.00 - per Rider
Open -   Entry Fee: $25.00,   no added
Youth -   Entry Fee: $20.00,   no added
Peewee -   Entry Fee: $0.00,   no added
Notes / Info:

Double header 1 run per race cash only with cash payouts must attend 10 out of 12 races for buckles and prizes 7/10 split with a 4d payout

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