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Arena: Prince George Agri-Plex
Arena Address: 4199 18th Ave
  Find it on Google Maps
Race Start: Feb 3, 2018 - 3:30 pm
Race End: Data Not Available
Event Producer: Nora Wallach
Sanctioned: CBR
Online Entries are Closed
Pre-Entries: by email or text 250-961-4815
Dress Code: No
Option: ½
Time Onlys: $5.00
Late Fee: $10.00
Arena Fee: $17.00 - per Horse
Dry Camping Fee: $25.00 - per Night
Hook-up Fee: $40.00 - per Night
Stall Fee: $25.00 - per Night
Stall Deposit: $25.00
Open -   Entry Fee: $20.00,   no added
Youth -   Entry Fee: $10.00,   no added
Senior -   Entry Fee: $10.00,   no added
POeeWee -   Entry Fee: $8.00,   no added
Open 2 -   Entry Fee: $20.00,   $50.00 added
Youth 2 -   Entry Fee: $10.00,   no added
Senior 2 -   Entry Fee: $10.00,   no added
PeeWee 2 -   Entry Fee: $8.00,   no added
Notes / Info:

BCNE Double Header Races

Co Sanctioned BCBRA

I do not use facebook please use the entry information below

When entering by email or text will need to supply your name, membership numbers, category entering, Open, Youth, Senior or Pee Wee, horses name

Pee Wee arena fee is $2.00 per run

You may enter the holding pen at 3 pm but do not enter the arena until our rental time at 3:30 for warm up

remember to enter on time to avoid the late fee of $10.00

Remeber to pick up after your horses and yourselves inside and outside the arena. 

There will be a Team Roping after the race starting at 6 pm




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