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Race Name: KRC Race Series
Arena: Kamloops Race Central
Arena Address: 485 Mount Paul Centre Way, Kamloops, BC V2H 0A8
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Race Start: Sep 22, 2023 - 6:00 pm
Race End: Sep 24, 2023
Event Producer: Sandra Mulvahill
Sanctioned: CBR
Pre-Entries: Not Available
Signups: Not Available
Dress Code: Yes, Hats Optional
Option: 1
Time Onlys: $5.00
Late Fee: $40.00
Arena Fee: $30.00 - Per Rider
Haul-in Fee: $10.00 - Per Horse
Event Details
Event Name Entry Fee Amount Added
Open Friday $70.00 $3000.00
Open Saturday $70.00 $3000.00
Open Sunday $70.00 $3000.00
Youth Friday $30.00 Not Added
Youth Saturday $30.00 Not Added
Youth Sunday $30.00 Not Added
Senior Friday $30.00 Not Added
Senior Saturday $30.00 Not Added
Senior Sunday $30.00 Not Added
Peewee Friday $10.00 Not Added
Peewee Saturday $10.00 Not Added
Peewee Sunday $10.00 Not Added
Notes & Info

Check KRC facebook page for updated race details


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